Announcements & Updates…

October 2

And we are open! Venus in Fur is up and running to wondrously flattering houses and reviews. Running through October 20 at Albany’s Capital Rep, if you are in the area you really should stop in and see us. To quote the play itself, “There’s a lot more going on here than corporal punishment issues…

And I’m starting prep for An Iliad, a schools production I will be taking around the capital region for the two weeks leading up to  Thanksgiving. I have always enjoyed working with students and the opportunity to share what I do in a production bringing a fresh light on a classic text is something I frankly consider an honour. Can’t wait to properly tuck in to the rehearsal.

September 14

Plainly I need a secretary…

So SISU Elite Fitness opened on 1 August and has been an enormous success. Everything I loved about the place in the beginning has only grown to make me love it more – the people, the purpose, the commitment to things better. If you are anywhere near the Westport/Norwalk line in Connecticut, you absolutely have to come by and check this place out.

At the moment, I’m splitting my time between there and the terrific people at Albany Capital Repertory Theatre where I am currently in rehearsal for Venus In Fur, the brilliant David Ives play making its regional debut. We open in just over two weeks and I will absolutely be posting reviews when they are available.

More soon…

June 8

On the move!

Not only is Core Principal growing with new clients every week, I’ve also been brought on board with the good folks at Aspire Fitness in time for their rebranding / rebooting / relocating to SISU. These are an awesome bunch of people who daily inspire me and leave me feeling honoured to work among them helping, in turn, to inspire and guide our clients to a better, healthier life.

Registrations are now open for the Page-to-Stage workshop I am running for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade writers and actors this August in Trumbull, CT. Follow the link for more information.

Have a great summer, my friends!

May 1

Been a busy month!

For a start, Core Principal is really taking off! Very excited to be expanding our reach and working with and training people literally from sea to shining sea – modern technology makes anything possible!

Also, I’ll be running one-week, intensive Page-to-Stage middle-school camp in Trumbull, Connecticut, this summer. More info to follow on that one.

Lastly, the biggest piece of time over the last month has been dedicated to a project I am bursting to tell you about. I feel like a kid at Christmas, desperate to tell you about the perfect present I found for you but needing to wait and keep you surprised. Cruel, I know, to build suspense and then say nothing, but that’s the way it needs to be. More to follow there, too.

Meantime – enjoy your Spring!

March 28

Well the RACE was run – and to terrific acclaim. So sad to leave White River Junction, but on to the next project…

Delighted to learn today that I’ll be making a short – but memorable – appearance in the forthcoming Ving Rhames film, Blame it on the HustleShooting in April, check back for more details…

In addition to promoting Core Principal and growing our popularity in Fairfield County, Connecticut, I’ve been flattered once again to be selected for the front page of Apart from the fact that everyone likes a stamp of approval, I have to say I’m a big fan of what they’re doing at that site. Be sure to click on over and check it out.

Lastly, I’ve begun a little collection of some of the foods we are eating as part of our ‘paleo’ journey (I actually hate calling it that – there is actually just about nothing that is authentically ‘caveman’ about anything which was bought in a supermarket, however wholesome the process.). It’s nothing more than a pictorial diary, but I want to start moving towards getting folks to understand that better food choices require no sacrifice, only thought and attention on what one truly values. The food tastes amazing. Which is part of the problem with the Instagram – I keep diving in to eat before I remember to snap the pic!

March 9

Thank you Northern Stage for such a terrific welcome and opening of RACE! Now getting back to the everything else…

Check out a little of what I’ve been up to on the Whole30 experience. I can’t rave enough about the changes in me and the family, but you can get an early taste of it here. Definitely more info and ideas to come…

ALSO… In support of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer – in which ALL of my girls are serving as walkers, crew, and volunteers extraordinaire – I am offering a personal training special through Core Principal: book any personal training package and a full 25% of the fee will be donated to Team Beat Cancer in your name. That’s 1/4 (yes – me and my four girls) to help fight this terrible disease AND it’s many effects (it’s this whole-problem approach that makes me love the Avon Walk so much) Come on. Contact me. What are you waiting for?

March 4

Touchdown in White River Junction, Vermont — this fantastic gem of a town — for our three-week run of RACE by David Mamet. Terrific theatre. Terrific cast. Terrific crew. And terrific town. This is going to be good…

January 29

Thrilled to be stepping in to take over the role of Jack Lawson in the Albany Capital Rep / Northern Stage co-production of Mamet’s brutally incisive Race. Currently rehearsing in Albany through February. Onstage in White River Junction from March 6-24. Don’t miss it!

fun at race

(you should not assume this is what the play is like. at all.)

January 24

I’ve been invited as an early contributor to a fantastic new site called Medium, created by Ev Williams – founder of blogger and twitter (something of an Ideas Man, it would seem…). Check out my first post, a re-working of my own site’s The High Cost of Education, and other musings starting here. Then have a wander around the site. It’s pretty terrific.

January 4 – 7

Touchdown in San Antonio to start work on Devil Deal Blues – fantastic short film about blues legend Robert Johnson. More info about release and distribution to come…

January 1, 2013

Excited to announce my own contribution to everyone else’s New Year’s resolutions. Today marks the launch of Core Principal – a fitness/lifestyle training venture I have been encouraged and am thrilled to take on.

The quick pitch: combining an actor’s sensibilities for movement with the discipline of personal fitness training, I will be sharing with my clients a unique opportunity to not only feel better and look better, but also to develop an acute understanding of the body’s needs and how to respond.

For more info, click on over to the site!