A Taste of Who I Am, What I Do, and Why I Do It.

Actually this is more Who I Am and What I Do. The most significant bit about Why I Do It can be found here.

I am a story teller. At its core, it really is that simple.

Born in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I had an aptitude for science and math but a passion for…how can I say it best?…sharing. High school musicals and speech competitions only fed the artist’s addiction to telling a good story by any means necessary.

I started my undergraduate time at the University of Notre Dame as an Aerospace Engineer. Flight, physics, space, the universe — all fascinate me. The endless possibilities of a world we barely understand. Totally jazzed by that stuff.

Calculus, not so much.

I trained as an actor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and, thanks to my dual citizenship, stayed there living and working for more than a decade. In 2005, we made the decision to return to the East Coast of the States and I have been working out of New York City ever since.

I believe in the power of story to change the world.

I know that sounds high-falutin’ and frou-frou, but hear me out…

Tell me, quick as you can, your favourite mathematical equation. What scientific formula inspires you to get out of bed in the morning? Don’t think about it — just answer.

Odds are most of you are trying to think of a mathematical equation or scientific formula, and those of you who have one are probably trying to figure out what the hell I’m talking about.

Now do this: tell me, quick as you can, five of your favourite movies. Books? Songs.

Starting to see? Stories. Reach us. In ways nothing else can. Stories give us a sense of a truth that is not bound by answers, but ignited by questions and kindled by the journey to understand.

So I tell stories.

Sometimes I play in them. I’ve been honoured to be a part of some amazing casts and often enough flattered by personal recognition.

Sometimes I write them. As a screenwriter, my work has been picked up by the BBC as well as independent producers both in the UK and the US. As an essayist, I’ve been invited as an early contributor to Medium.com and published alongside a humbling array of contributors by Sharp Stuff.

Sometimes I reach into a person unlock a story they never knew was there. As a personal trainer, I see my mission as inspiring the individual to find and test new limits and discover what they are capable of. For some, that’s as simple as a walk to the top of the stairs. For others, it’s a Tough Mudder. In either case, the experience opens the possibilities of a story the individual never saw themselves as the hero of. Until now.

Sometimes I offer a map, unfinished, and challenge my students to find what the greater story – the Story – really is, and what part they are to play in it. The ethics of how we come to believe what we believe and the effects of the decisions we make when we’re not paying attention fascinate me. Waking a student up, the tap on the third eye that illuminates unimagined horizons, is gift unimaginable to those who’ve never experienced it.

And that’s me. Generally unfamiliar with the easy way, but full of good stories that just aren’t found anywhere other than at high altitudes or in craggy faces.

Actor. Writer. Impatient Philosopher.

Lover of Life.